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6 FREE animated social media icons

This set of 6 simple animated social media icons are available to download below.Individual AVI files for each icon with a transparent background; Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snap chat, Twitter and Instagram.Simply drag and drop in to your project....

May 29, 2018

Video Marketing Strategy Guide [Free Download]

Jellyfielders have been producing video marketing content since the early days of YouTube. Most businesses now understand the value of video for marketing themselves in this digital age, but time and time again we come across the same problems.While clients may understand what video can do for them, there is often no strategy behind their ideas. Every business knows that video marketing is essential, but there seems to be a lot of confusion over where to share what content, and more importantly,...

May 16, 2018

Casting Sites

There are many sites that list casting jobs for actors, some paid for, some totally free. Whilst it would be nice to be an active member of all of these sites, it is simply impractical. Each site has its own advantages, and will suit difference actors. There is no right or wrong site to use, so try them all and see what suits you. Here are our top 5 free sites to find castings.Casting Call Pro Casting Call Pro is part of the Blue Compass Network, which boasts a number of sites to find a variety ...

January 10, 2017

Free animated logo and text intro

We have another freebie for all you AE addicts. This one is a simple square text and logo intro. Created in CS5 you can easily add your own logo, change colours, text and background. We even added a tutorial to show you how....

May 9, 2016

Free animated logo indent - Business Card

This simple project is really easy to use, and gives you complete control over the colours. Add your logo or some text for a cute logo indent....

April 26, 2016

Free logo sting After Effects (Download)

This logo animation is available to download as an After Effects file for CS5 onwards. There are instructions within the file, but you can quite easily change the following: Background Colour Logo Logo background circle colour Outer circle colour All you need is a copy of your logo, preferably with a transparent background....

January 12, 2016

Free animated social media icons (download)

If you're creating your own videos for youtube, you will want to make sure your social media channels are shown at the end, so people can connect with your or your business. We have created a simple animation for your social media icons. Just download the file and use the mov. files in your normal editing software. We have retained the transparency so you can lay them over your footage or other titles. Check out this example video....

January 7, 2016

All things must pass

Shot for the London Sci-fi Festival, 48 hut film project. The tag we were given is 'Earth is gradually getting further from the sun' - We also had to include a pill, put in to water that then fizzes. And the line of dialogue 'This could prove to be the most dangerous time in human history'...

September 20, 2015

Good Morning

It could be a good day, it could be a bad day and sometimes it can be both or neither at all. Entered into the Filmstock international film festival (2004), written by Christopher Suffield produced by Jellyfielders and directed by Mike Jelves and Christopher Suffield. Staring George Vaughn Williams, Rebecca Reaney, Andrew Turner, Louise Fitzgerald and Steven Flower...

September 20, 2015

Eternal Rest

"Eternal Rest" is an entry to Four4 horror short film competition 2013. Four4 is a short film competition from River Film challenging film makers to produce a film consisting of just 4 shots, which are each 4 seconds long. This year's theme is "horror". The film was shortlisted through audience vote....

September 20, 2015

Pink Amy

Pink Amy is the short film produced for the London 48 hour project 2012. We had 48 hours to write, film and edit the short, which had to contain the following; A character named Charlie Cipriani The Line 'Let me tell you a secret' A prop of 'something cream based' The film also had to be within the genre of Film de Femme Thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors who helped us raise a budget for the film. ...

September 20, 2015

5 reasons your business needs video

Video is often perceived as being expensive. The reality is that professional video production doesn't need to break the bank. At Jellyfielders, we are committed to ensuing businesses of all levels can utilise professional video marketing services. Our full video packages start at just £495 and animation packages from £295. We also have a range of services specifically for start-up businesses looking to add a professional touch to their DIY videos. Get in touch for more information....

August 17, 2015

Shooting your own testimonials

Testimonials videos are a great way for businesses to produce regular video content without the need of a video production company. 70% of adults now own a smart phone, which gives you access to an easy to use HD camera. There are many ways to utilise this, along with social media apps, to help spread your business messages. Most business have their own social media accounts, and have probably shared photos with their followers. Very few businesses however are utilising the technology to incr...

August 4, 2015

Tips for actors on corporate film

On the spectrum of acting for camera, one area that often gets overlooked is performing in corporate films. While commercial and advertising projects are seen as higher-profile and more money-spinning, corporate filmmaking is a potentially lucrative avenue that with the right connections, can also provide regular work. Our largest corporate job was a training video for a public sector client, which required us to cast and employ 26 actors across two different films. Many of these actors were th...

July 27, 2015

Making a monologue your own

Once you have chosen your monologue it is important that you make it your own. Whatever you decide to change about the script you have chosen, remember to follow the guidelines mentioned in Choosing your Monologue Piece. There are many ways in which you can change the script to make the performance different from the original, without changing the actual words. Here are 5 things you can do; Remove all direction With most roles in which you will be cast, the direction in a script can really help...

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