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Casting Sites

There are many sites that list casting jobs for actors, some paid for, some totally free. Whilst it would be nice to be an active member of all of these sites, it is simply impractical.

Each site has its own advantages, and will suit difference actors. There is no right or wrong site to use, so try them all and see what suits you. Here are our top 5 free sites to find castings.

Casting Call Pro

Casting Call Pro is part of the Blue Compass Network, which boasts a number of sites to find a variety of jobs including VoicesPro, StagejobsPro, Totaltalent and Singers Pro. For an actor, CCP is the main site on the network, however once you have signed up, your login details will be the same for all Blue Compass Sites.

The profile available to actors on Casting Call Pro is quite in-depth, and allows you to have your entire CV available online. There are a wide variety of castings listed on the site at anyone time from studios and channels such as Channel 4, BBC, ITV and The Creation Lab.

A big advantage to the site is the profile; it is perfectly acceptable to apply for castings found on other sites such as Mandy, Gumtree and People Per Hour by including a link to your Casting Call Pro profile in your cover letter.


Total Talent is also on the Blue Compass Network. Whilst Casting Call Pro lists mainly acting roles, Total talent specialises in additional castings. Production companies and channels will use this site to find extra, backing dancers/singers, models, audience members and contestants.

The site has a similar profile set up to Casting Call Pro, however due to the parts listed on the site, the application process is much simpler. Castings for a main role, or speaking part in any production will require an audition. As the roles listed on Total Talent are for background artists, and audition isn't always necessary, with extras and audience members often being cast solely on the basis of the actors profile and headshot.

Use this site to build up your CV and experience whilst getting paid.

Star Now

Star Now is in fact quite similar to Casting Call Pro. The site has numerous castings from extra work to main roles in feature films. The profile is probably to most indepth of all the sites, and allows you to upload several photos and videos. As with CCP, it is perfectly acceptable to apply for a role on another site (other than CCP) with a link to your Star Now profile.

People Per Hour

PPH is a site that covers all areas, from IT and web development to accounting and legal advice. There is no specific category to search for roles for actors, however most appear under photography and videography.

As this site is not specific to acting, the jobs on there are varied and infrequent, however it is always worth checking out. There are many roles for Voice Over Artists and Models, and the simple application process allows you to bid for each job, choosing your own fee. If your bid wins, be prepared to pay 18% of your earnings to the site, and a further fee to transfer from Paypal.

The majority of the acting jobs on this site will be for independent low budget productions or businesses needing actors for promotional videos and campaigns. Whilst this may not be the work you want to be applying for, it is a good way to gain experience whilst getting paid.


Social media can be a great way to find opportunities. We would recommend Facebook, as there are a number of ways to fins castings.

  1. Keyword Search - Facebook will allow you to search anyones posts for specific keywords. Just select the posts tab to see what opportunities are available. Keywords such as 'Casting [Location]' or 'Actors needed [location]' is a good place to start.
  2. Make friends - When you are working on a production become Facebook friends with the other talent, many share castings and opportunities they hear about.
  3. Join Groups - There are many Facebook networking groups set up for actors, both locally and nationally. They often share castings and a variety of other opportunities. 
  4. Like Pages - Do a bit of research and find out what smaller production companies are in your area. When we have castings we will always post them to our Facebook page, with a link to the official application.

The main problem with finding castings through social media is that there is a lot of leg work involved. There are a lot of castings on there, but they will be extremely varied and not necessarily suited to you.

Gumtree and Craislist

There are many castings on Gumtree and Craiglist for actors, models and dancers, however we advise you apply for these with caution. These sites are free to use and have no quality control, meaning anyone anywhere can post a job.

Always make sure you feel comfortable with the arrangement you have with the producer/director/production company. If you are unsure about a listing in anyway, do not apply. When attending any audition with someone who you have not previously met, be safe. Research the company or individual who is offering the audition if you can and find out where the audition is taking place. If you doubt the legitimacy of the audition ask someone to go with you or just don't go.

Check out the links below for more sites, and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with our latest castings.

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