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Shooting your own testimonials

Testimonials videos are a great way for businesses to produce regular video content without the need of a video production company.

70% of adults now own a smart phone, which gives you access to an easy to use HD camera. There are many ways to utilise this, along with social media apps, to help spread your business messages. Most business have their own social media accounts, and have probably shared photos with their followers.

Very few businesses however are utilising the technology to increase their video output. Below you will find some tips on how you can use your smart phone to create simple testimonial videos to share online.

Why Testimonials?

  • It is a form of referral marketing - your current customers are telling your potential customers why they should choose you.
  • They are great assets for your website. When utilising Youtube playlists, you don't even need to update your website.
  • Testimonials form a part of a marketing strategy that can easily fit in to your day to day workload. They take just a few minutes.
  • Your staff can get involved and feel proud to share stories of jobs well done.

5 tips for producing your own testimonials

1. Choose a well lit, quiet space.

It may sound obvious, but so many DIY business videos fail at this first step. Most mobile devices have auto settings that adjust depending on the light levels, but without enough light, the video will be grainy.
Try to find somewhere quiet, make sure your subject speaks clearly and at an audible level, and don't cover the mic with your fingers.

2. Landscape not portrait

This is a pet hate of videographers everywhere. Recording video with your phone portrait will leave big black blocks either side of your film. Hold the phone landscape/horizontally, the same way you would hold your phone to watch a video at full screen.

3. Focus

It is important that your subject is in focus. Fortunately most smart phones have a simple touch screen focus system. Just tap where you want the focus and the camera does the rest.

4. Keep still

Wobbly camera work can leave your viewer feeling a little sea sick. If you have problems keeping your arms still, lean against something to steady yourself. Small tripods can be purchased to ensure minimum wobble, alternatively look around your location - a pile of books or a filing cabernet can also provide a stable surface.

Keep it short and have fun

Keep your videos short, a maximum of 30 seconds. We don't suggest you script it, as this can make the subject even more nervous.

When recording testimonials we always ask the subjects to tell us the following;

Your name, the company you work for, the services Jellyfielders provided and how you found that service.

Here is the result of asking those questions to Julie from Benben Design.

Uploading to Youtube

Each divide has a different method of uploading to Youtube, either built in to the phones camera system or through various apps. There are hundreds of tutorials online about how to upload to Youtube.

You can uploaded directly to Facebook and Twitter, but uploading to Youtube makes sharing across all social media, and your website, much simpler.

Final thoughts

We suggest testimonial videos primarily because they can be done in one take, and do not need editing. This makes them easy for you to film yourself.

The important thing with testimonials is the message, and so your audience a happier to look past any technical issues you might have with your video content.

If you want to make your own testimonial videos with a professional touch, check out these great add ons.

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