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Project Management 

Your PM will be responsible for running the whole production, providing updates and answering any production-related questions you have throughout the contract duration. They will be reachable by email, phone, and available for meetings - virtual or in person - at the client's request. 


For deliverables, we utilise third-party platform The platform allows us to share and review assets in a private digital space, including:


• All branding elements provided by the clients (Logo, Brand guidelines etc)

• Script edits and revisions 

• Casting selections

• Location review

• Storyboards

• Stock imagery review and selection

• Edits and amendments of each video

• Music selections (if required) 

  • Final deliverable versions of all films 


Frame allows the client to comment on, compare, sign-off and download any assets provided, all from within the online platform. When large quantities of video are being produced, it is essential that the workflow is efficient, well documented, and readily accessible; Frame allows us to manage all of the project assets in one place. 





We offer full script-writing and editing services tailored to the client's needs. Once scripts are provided to us, our writer will check each script for sentence structure and meaning and offer edit suggestions for the client to review. 


For interview filming, it is essential to ensure that the delivery is natural and the interviewees are comfortable and relaxed. Scripts can be written for each interview, and an autocue used to help the subject. However, we often find that the best delivery comes from a Question and Answer format. 


If the client opts for a Q&A format, a list of questions will be created to make sure that all key messaging is covered. Our experienced Directors can help guide the interviewee, so we have multiple takes of each individual answer. All filming scripts need signing-off before the next stage of production begins. 





Our crew has worked together in its current form for more than a decade, and we pride ourselves on our creative and collaborative shooting practices. To ensure our presence 'on-set' is kept to a minimum, filming will be conducted by a Self Shooting Director and one Camera assistant. This allows the Director to focus on the participant and messaging, while the assistant deals with the technical requirements such as lighting & sound. 



Our primary shooting kit is designed for efficiency and portability, adapting to all manner of locations and workplace settings. When necessary, we expand our offering by hiring a specialised camera and audio equipment. 


Our DSLR cameras are ideally suited for talking head and interview videography. When coupled with a 50mm prime lens, its discreet size makes it an excellent choice for people inexperienced at being in front of a camera. The visual quality of the camera’s high definition imagery has also made it a choice for creative filmmakers, producing vibrant, detailed shots with a cinematic quality. 


To capture sound, we have a range of devices, from Rode wireless lapel and shotgun microphones to a versatile Zoom H4n digital audio recorder. 



During the shoot, secure copies of all video and audio materials are made to safeguard the footage separately to the main project. This method allows our offline editors to be working during the second day of filming. 


The offline editor selects the best takes from each talking head interview. These are compiled together in an assembly cut for each video and provided to the PM for review. The project manager provides feedback to the editing team, comparing the films to the scripts and production notes. 


The client can communicate feedback directly on the Frame platform by pausing the video and typing in the comment box. This will create a time-coded feedback list for the editors to use in the next stage. Alternatively, the project manager can discuss the changes with the client via phone/zoom call, which will be passed along to the editors. 


The review process is then repeated with the PM checking each video before it is uploaded for client review. The client will need to sign off on the ‘cut’ before we move to the online editing stage. 

The online editors will work through colour correction/grading, titles, motion graphics and any branding elements that need to be added. At the same time, any required voiceover, transcript and subtitles are produced by other team members. 


Once the relevant departments provide all assets, the editors will combine those elements and deliver a final version to the client for sign-off. 


Frame allows all collaborators to set the status of individual videos to ‘Needs review’, ‘In progress’ and ‘Approved’. When the status of a video is changed, all collaborators receive an update email, allowing all parties involved to see the progress of each video from within the Frame platform. 




Once the client approves each video, the final master files will be exported, complete with subtitles. These videos will be encoded in an industry-standard format and according to the agreed compression quality as set out during the initial project briefing. All correct sizes and formats for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be produced, in accordance with all previous content created for those platforms. 


The immediate sharing of downloadable files can be done in two ways. Final videos can be uploaded to Frame and made available to download, as an extension of the editing review process. Access to these final downloads are to specified collaborators or via a shareable download link. Secondly, WeTransfer Plus is a secure method of transferring multiple files en masse, producing a download link, which can remain active for a specified or indefinite period of time. 


Our creative film background gives us the knowledge and experience to develop initial ideas into outlines, scripts and storyboards. We also seek client feedback and review at every stage of the filmmaking process. Our preferred platform for such is This allows for a secure, centralised place for collaborators to provide feedback and discuss changes to projects at all developmental and production stages. 


We always provide social media specific edits for work for our clients. While websites and YouTube are ideal place for longer-form content (> 2minutes), Facebook (90sec), Twitter  (45sec) and Instagram (30sec) all demand a variety of video lengths, aspect ratios, orientations and styles. These also change between the Post, Story and Reel options, alternatives and derivatives available on each platform. 

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