Survival Mode

Zombies are everywhere these days, from big budget blockbusters to riveting TV dramas our appetite for entertainment featuring the undead appears to be as ravenous as the flesh-eating monsters we are watching.

Throughout the many mainstream choices for zombie themed entertainment, no series has yet to explore the stark reality of what everyday people would really do when the zombie apocalypse actually happens. We might have watched enough TV shows and played enough video games to think "we might survive", the sad truth is the vast majority of us would find the nearest cupboard to hide in.


Meet Damion, he's a faded pop star who has continued his entitled life despite the severity of the situation. Damion's once ten strong entourage is now down to just one member, Marcus, and he's growing tired of doing all the work. Trapped in a cupboard after a search for supplies goes horribly wrong, Damion and Marcus try to make the best of a bad situation but the arrival of a mysterious woman named Millie brings a chance for escape, if they can avoid killing each other before they're rescued.

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