Episode 1. A Bench of Fire and Ice

Episode 1. A friendship is pushed to breaking point when one of them does the unthinkable.

Episode 2. Steep Learning Curve

In some professions, the first day on the job can be the most dangerous.

Episode 3. Benchmark for Success

A fitness fanatic tries in vain to whip his layabout friend in to shape.

Episode 4. Lucky Dip

A school teacher and her beloved ferret are enjoying a peaceful break, when they are interrupted by a boisterous but charming market trader.

Episode 5. He Said, She Said

A lunch time spent on a messenger app is better than real life, for two shy lonely hearts.

Episode 6. Pickle

A blackmail plot backfires, and two friends on the way home from an afternoon at the pub get more than they bargained for.
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