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3 Tips for your Bragging Rights Videos

Whether you're new to video marketing or have plenty of experience with it, The Ice Cream Model of Video Marketing breaks down all forms of video into four categories; Cornerstone, Resource, Bragging Rights, and Active.

Businesses often have a difficult time talking themselves up without feeling like they are showing off, but this is not the time to be reserved.

Your Bragging Rights videos are a perfect opportunity to be proud of the work you do, either in your own words or those of your happily satisfied customers. Bragging Rights can cover a wealth of different areas that your business is involved with, if you've done something for a charity, tell people about it, raise awareness. So with that in mind, here are three quick tips to get the most out of your Bragging Rights videos.

1. Be Proud But Show Humility

A big part of standing out from the crowd is highlighting how your product or service is better than the market leading one. There's nothing wrong with this type of marketing; a comparison is a great shortcut to audiences understanding the key differences. However, it has no place in Bragging Rights. Talk yourself up, don't knock your competitors down. We're bragging, not gloating.

2. Testimonials Are A Must

Nothing tells potential new customers that yours is a business worth further investigation than a satisfied customer. Think of it like digital word of mouth, a customer that had a great experience working with you is sharing that experience with potential new customers. Ask clients to talk about the solutions you were able to provide, about the service, and what they enjoyed about working with your business. Sharing the awesome things your business has achieved is a given, but getting a testimonial from a happy customer is essential.

3. No Sales

Much like the Resource Videos, there is no place for direct sales in a Bragging Rights, that's what your Active Videos are there for amongst other things. The content of the Bragging Rights video is all you need, highlighting the things you do well is enough of a call to action for potential new customers.

So there you have it, three simple tips to help you get the most out of your Bragging Rights Videos. For more information on The Ice Cream Model, you can download our free guide right here.


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