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3 Tips for your Cornerstone Video

Your Cornerstone video is the foundation that you build your video marketing strategy on, but what is it? Simply put, your Cornerstone video tells your potential customers who you are, what you do, and establishes trust between your business and your customers. The video should summarise your offering and explain what makes your company the right one to choose.

Once upon a time, homepages were cluttered with lots of lengthy text to communicate their key messaging. Happily, times have changed, and pages of text can be consolidated into one easy to digest video that creates a welcoming introduction for website visitors. So, now you know what a Cornerstone video is, here are three useful tips on how to get the most out it.

1. Don't Confuse Your Messaging

While your Cornerstone Video will be positioned on your website's homepage for the longest time, it's not an all-purpose video to overwhelm your potential customers. Keep your messaging laser-focused on the core offerings of your business, and who you are, all the other great things you do can be highlighted in Resource, Bragging Rights, and Active videos.

2. Shorter is Better

Analytics has proven time and again that audiences engage more with shorter videos; that's why Cornerstone videos are capped at a three-minute maximum. Cornerstone and Active videos are short & snappy ambassadors for your brand to give audiences a taste of your business. Once you've captured their interest with short videos, any longer form videos (Bragging Rights, Resource) will be an easier conversion.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Be The Face

Nothing helps build trust with potential customers like putting yourself on camera to talk about your business. In these often detached digital times we live in, something as simple as seeing the business owner talking about their business can be very powerful. All the clever commercials, cute characters, or fancy website design can't hold a candle to adding YOUR personality, your experience, and your voice to your video

So there you have it, three simple tips to help you get the most out of your Cornerstone video. For more information on The Ice Cream Model, you can download our free guide right here.


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