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5 Reasons A (Good) Copywriter Will Make Your Content Shine

A copywriter will see your content as a story to be told!

So, you’ve figured out your business name, understand exactly who your audience is, you’ve put together some pricing packages and have even had a designer create you a website. Time to throw together a couple of words about what it is you do right? Easy money. Or you’ve just had a new brain wave for about a service you could offer. Time to throw together the copy as the last step.

Fair enough, if you’re confident with language, or, at the other end of the spectrum don’t believe that exceptional copy is necessary with your fantastic service or product, perhaps you may not see the value in hiring a professional wordsmith. But hear me out with these 5 things that a copywriter will bring to your business when you hire them to create content.

Engaging Words

A true copywriter has a passion for words and expression, and they will push your content to ensure it reads with purpose, rhythm and isn’t stuck in cliché corner. A professional copywriter spends hours each day consuming and writing various forms of content and takes pride in creating something compelling and original for their client. They won’t allow excessive repetition; they won’t settle for passive verbs or mediocre adjectives. They will make your content shine.

An Audience Focus

It’s surprising how many home pages I see that are focused on the business rather than the audience. Sure, your audience needs to know what you do but the focus should be on their pain points; not your glowing credentials. You need to be speaking to them; reaching out on that home page and all throughout the content you release. Sometimes business owners are so close to their product/service that they get into unnecessary minute details before they’ve explained the bigger benefit. On the flip side, some businesses stay so high level that it's hard for their audience to see exactly how they need them. A copywriter will give you a good level of objectivity and always maintain your audience focus.

Storytelling Abilities

A good copywriter loves a story, who doesn’t? Can you see opportunities within your content to create story-based pieces with a beginning, middle and an end? With a hero (your client) and a purpose (your offering?) With an emotional angle and a solid ending. Humans are wired to respond to storytelling, not a bunch of bland description words on the page. A copywriter will see your content as a story to be told.

A Deep Well of Fresh ideas

Have you got swathes of ideas on what to write about? From describing your services to your clients, to blogging ideas that aren’t too on the nose and content that is original and speaks your language? What unique services or experience do you have that could be turned into compelling copy? This is what we copywriters do, we think in terms of ideas for our own business and those for our client. A copywriter will expand your list of ideas and get you thinking laterally about the content possibilities you can create together.

Time and Peace of Mind

Finally, a copywriter will be completely focused on your content. They’re not thinking about your contracts, your networking schedule or your diary management. For the period you hire them they’ll be entirely dedicated to creating content that best conveys your business; another partner in your success. A professional set of hands focusing on your content will provide you with time to focus on your business. A number of my clients come to me for this reason; they have some ideas and a good command of language but they're either consumed by other tasks or they've been stuck on something for too long, unable to move on..

I hope this blog has convinced you of the value of hiring a professional copywriter and if not that it has at least given you some ideas on how to attack your own content.


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