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Video Marketing Strategy Guide [Free Download]

Jellyfielders have been producing video marketing content since the early days of YouTube. Most businesses now understand the value of video for marketing themselves in this digital age, but time and time again we come across the same problems.

While clients may understand what video can do for them, there is often no strategy behind their ideas. Every business knows that video marketing is essential, but there seems to be a lot of confusion over where to share what content, and more importantly, why and how it works. 

What is causing this problem?

After speaking to a number of our clients, we figured it out - we're the problem!

Anyone who has ever dealt with a 'creative person' will know that there can be a big language barrier, and this has never been truer than with a videographer. We might say - you to need a product video, a testimonial or a talking-head video - but these are just different 'genres' of marketing content. Sometimes we talk in technical jargon: you need a typography video or a 2.5D animation, and other times a videographer might be vague and say 'you need a homepage video' which could be a mix of all of the above.

Our confidence that businesses understand why they need video has perhaps resulted in us presuming too much. We get so caught up in discussing different styles that we don't tell you what the content can do for you.

When we sit down to create a marketing strategy, it isn't a random brainstorm of ideas from which we pick the one we want to make most. Good videographers will look to your target market to understand the need, your product/service to understand the message and your brand for the inspiration. Once they have all that information, it needs combining with your overall marketing plan - your social media strategy, your Website & SEO, and your email marketing.

It doesn't matter how awesome your content is, without a solid strategy it just won't work.

So what is the solution?

After looking at all the video campaigns on which we've worked, we found that they all fit into one of four categories: Cornerstone, Bragging Rights, Resource and Active. While your brand, service/product and target market all influence what your video is about and how it looks, these four categories show us how a video marketing strategy can work, and how much value you can place on each type of content.

Introducing the 'Ice Cream Model of Video Marketing' - a simple way to build your video strategy, ensuring you have all four types of video covered.

Pop over to the Ice Cream model page to download your free Video Marketing Strategy Guide.


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