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Does my business video need titles, music & branding before I publish on Social Media and YouTube?

Zoltan from Adagio Hands asks, 'should you start putting videos up as soon as you've started making them, or should you try to perfect them first?

If you want to post a video to your website, it's super important that it's the highest possible quality. Working with a video production company to create your Cornerstone Content can help you get the most professional-looking video possible.

Your website is like your shopfront, where everybody's going to learn more about who you are and what you do. You must create the most professional image for your brand that you can. When it comes to social media, though, people know how fast-moving it is and how disposable that content is.

Authenticity is vital here. So creating stories, videos, documentaries; little clips from your events, workshops, or networking, are all excellent to put out there without all the bells and whistles of a jingle or logo. The one thing that is super important that all social media content goes with is a call to action.

You need to include the call to action, so people will know what you want to do next. It's as simple as putting.

  • Visit my website

  • Click on this link

  • Check out my YouTube Channel

  • Follow me on social media

  • Subscribe to an email campaign

The Call to Action can be included in the titles at the end of your video, or you can put it in the body of the post on social media. Otherwise, how much post-production work you put into your videos regarding music, jingles, logo and design elements is down to you and how professional you want the content to look.

Our training can show you how to do these things, but the time spent is really down to you and your marketing strategy and schedule. If you want to put out content that doesn't have a music track, anything like that is okay. And you can work on adding those things as you build and grow your brand.

It doesn't need to be perfect straight away. What is important is that it is posted, has a call to action, and is consistent. If you need expert help with any video marketing or content marketing and feel free to book a consultation at


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