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Does the Camera Love you Darling?

Sales funnels are in the past. The Fly Wheel is here, now with added video!

I read with interest that it was only 13 years ago that the first YouTube video, “Me at the zoo”, was uploaded on April 23, 2005. I was even more amazed to read that almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day; that's more than a lifetime's worth of content uploaded daily.

As a business development consultant, I like to keep up to date with the latest methodologies relating to aligning sales and marketing, without a doubt, video, needs to be a part of any digital strategy.

The gap between sales and marketing activities is narrowing due to technology and the digitalisation of businesses and processes. Content can be shared faster, data analysed highlighting the effectiveness and ROI of marketing campaigns and activities.

By 2020, 82% of all web traffic will be video; this creates an enormous opportunity to incorporate video as part of an inbound lead generation and marketing strategy. There is no doubt that video can help a business connect, stand-out and engage with their target audience, so whilst I'm curious, my heart did sink a bit. You see, my own experience in front of the camera has been quite a challenge, honestly, it scares me a little.

A few years ago, I connected with an organisation who were recruiting for an interesting role, part of their screening process was a submission via video. As time was short and my budget was limited, I decided to have a go and prepare and upload a video to be considered for the role, however, what I thought would take about an hour tops, ended up taking most of the day.

My props included; a step ladder, a cereal packet, large plastic tubs and numbered sheets with large writing (my shoestring version of an autocue). Unfortunately, every playback revealed something I didn't like; awkward pauses, eyes flickering, poor lighting, pauses, errrmms and ahhs, it was a cringe-worthy effort and to make matters worse, I did not have any editing software or skills. I later found out that the most successful people sent in professionally shot, edited and scripted videos no doubt with perfect lighting too.

Overall, I was pleased with my presentation; I put in a lot of effort to prepare the required 2-minute video, providing an overview about; who I was, what motivated me, a summary of my skills, abilities, expertise and my enthusiasm for the role. However, what really let me down, was putting it all together both mentally and technically, I needed some help.

I’ve recently signed up with Hubspot who champion the flywheel methodology for inbound marketing and lead generation.

The keynote speaker was, the co-founder and CEO of a leading Video Marketing platform and his presentation was enthralling, and contained many tips about the future potential of using video, as a tool to engage and build trust (get your audience to know you), and how the inbound methodology creates a flywheel to attract, engage and delight your prospects.

After attending the video hosting talk, I was keen to find out more. A quick google search confirmed there are numerous video hosting platforms and solutions and it was then I had my own “poof” moment; that’s when I knew I could help.

However, if I was struggling with creating video content, there must be other entrepreneurs, sales professionals, business owners and people needing help with the technicalities. Not just that, the stuff that may be preventing them from getting in front of a camera; taking that first step, creating a story, speaking with confidence. It was simple coincidence that I then met Lu & Mike from Jellyfielder Studios.

Lu is a producer and video marketing strategist, Mike is a camera operator and editor. Combining our skills, we aim to help businesses attract, delight, and engage by creating their own flywheel sales & marketing strategy, using the power of video.

Our day long workshop will provide you with the skills and knowledge to produce your own video marketing content.

  • Bring your product, service or event to life

  • ​Discover your own communication style

  • ​Explore the power of storytelling with video

  • ​Build your Video Marketing Strategy

  • ​Film & edit your own social content directly from your mobile device

  • Take part in our 7 day video challenge, with social media support, to see how video can improve your reach.


I work as a practical and effective Business Development Consultant providing solutions that generate new business by aligning sales and digital marketing activities to identify, connect and engage and win new business. I also design and develop workshops and coaching solutions providing knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation.


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