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Get a cuppa, it's all going to be ok! Things we're still doing to help small businesses in lockdown

The world is a crazy place at the moment, and it looks like it might be this way for a while.

Like all small businesses right now, we're scared for the future both short and long term. Simply put, like millions of small businesses, micro-businesses, side-hustles, and self-employed workers, Jellyfielders as a company is going to struggle over the coming months. But it is essential to keep our heads up and work towards ensuring a safe future for ourselves, our loved ones and society as a whole. 

If you know us, you'll know we are never short of plans. Now we are all on official lockdown; we thought it was time to share what we are doing, and how you might be able to help you and your business. So, here's six things we've been up to keep our spirits up, socialise in these restricted times, and something purely to keep us laughing. 

1. We're still open for business

Yes, we are restricted on filming projects, but we are still available for editing, voice-over and animation work. Check our Facebook page for news on our '#RemainIndoors Discount' for animated projects.

2. We're still Networking

Unlike many other networking groups, 4Networking has responded incredibly fast to help its members continue networking throughout the lockdown. You can now join a digital group through Zoom, check out more details on their website, and take a look at the Facebook Page to find out which group Jellyfielder Lu will be running.

3. We're still taking meetings

A perk of the digital age is that having Face(Time) to Face(Time) meetings has been a normal part of life for years. Eventually, this will all be over, and how quickly you can get your business back up and running will make a tremendous amount of difference. Get in touch to book a free marketing consultation via Skype; perhaps there's a typography, animated, or stock footage video we can help you with while we're on lockdown. If nothing else get your content ready to go as soon as you can.

4. We're still Teaching

Keep your eyes open for our new Organic Content Marketing Digital Course, which will not only explain how content marketing works but will help you build your marketing strategy as you go. We're also still available for digital one-to-one tuition in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

5. We're still Creating Content

This downtime is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your content creation. Everyone is going to be looking online, so let's make sure you get seen. Get in touch to find out about our entirely online web series Call The Shots - Directors Cut. If you have a blog on your website and want to do a blog exchange, we're down for that. If you want us to come on your podcast or Vlog, why not!

6. We're still trying to make you laugh

Trying being the keyword there. If you haven't already done so, pop over to The Stock Footage Sketch Show and check out the silly stuff we're putting together in our downtime, just to make ourselves laugh. 

So that's six things we're doing here at Jellyfielders. But most importantly, we are washing our hands, staying indoors, and only going out to let Chris off his lead in the park for an hour a day. Don't be a plonker; do the same thing.

If you or someone you know is struggling in any way through this, please make sure you reach out. We've all seen less than thoughtful behaviour from some of the population in the news, and it's scary. Now more than ever is the time to work together (from a distance), and to quote one of our favourite TV shows " Remember – hate is always foolish…and love, is always wise. Always try to be nice and never fail to be kind."

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