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The Ice Cream Model: How to Break Down, Recycle and Reuse your Content to Maximise your Output

The best content marketing strategies use a mix of content formats, but that doesn’t mean you have to be making a continuous stream of blogs, videos and podcasts. In fact, for the best content marketing, you will want to reuse and recycle your content as much as possible.

Let’s say you’ve decided to create a Top Tips video, containing 10 short tips that will help your potential customers. The video can be embedded to your blog, with a written summary of the tips. Great, you’ve got two pieces of content for the effort of one!

But you can go further; break that video in to 10 short tips videos, and take each of the written tips from the blog and post them as text posts.

Going further still, you can take the audio from the video and share it as a podcast; break that podcast in to soundbites and share those on social media.

When you consider the 4 ingredients, you can easily see how the majority of your Active content can be made from derivatives of your Cornerstone, Bragging Rights and Resource Content. And by sharing multiple snippets from and trailers for your longer-form content, you can drive your viewers to it over a longer period of time; maximising the output from each piece of content you create.

Check out our quick guide to the Ice Cream Model, or download a Free Infographic here.

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