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The Ice Cream Model: How to Build an Organic Content Marketing Strategy for your Business & Audience

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The 4 ingredients of the Ice Cream model can help you put together a clear and structured content marketing plan; the shape and flavour of each content strategy can be unique to your business, while the Ice Cream Model serves as a guide to understanding complementary content combinations.

Content Marketing does take effort, and it is vital to offer consistency in whatever you choose to post online. By taking those 4 ingredients into consideration, adding compelling calls to action, and recycling and reusing your content across the capture points, you’ll see how potential customers can navigate your online presence.

Within the framework we’ve discussed in this video, you can also qualify leads based on where they stop interacting with your content; someone who signs up to your email marketing is going to be far more likely to buy from you than someone who just likes a post on Facebook. Yet the content marketing process can help you move them from a cold lead to a warm lead in just a couple of clicks.

This has been a Jellyfielders Resource series about the Ice Cream Model and Content Marketing Strategies. The Ice Cream Model can help with your lead generation and sales processes in a number of ways, and to find out more, you’ll have to explore our other online content. We offer DIY video training and Content Strategy Workshops, as well as Free Webinars and Marketing Events to help you make the most of these cost-effective marketing methods. But for now, thank you for watching and if you’ve found this video helpful, why not like it, leave us a comment and subscribe for more.

Check out our quick guide to the Ice Cream Model, or download a Free Infographic here.

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