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The Ice Cream Model: How to Create Engaging Calls to Action in your Content to Boost your Brand

The Call to Action is where the purpose of your content becomes evident; this is the information at the end of a piece of content that tells the viewer what to do next; click this, buy that, comment, subscribe, sign-up; viewers like to know what is expected of them.

The world wide web is a massive collection of data, all linking from one place to the next. The idea of content marketing is to keep your potential customers in your own web of content.

Let’s take that 10 Top Tips video we’ve already broken down into smaller parts, and say you want to use it to build an email database of potential customers.

Start by publishing the Blog, and at the bottom include your email sign-up form. Next, publish the video version to YouTube, and embed it to the blog; in the YouTube description, provide a link back to your website. You’ve already created a backlink between your Website and YouTube channel; Google loves this and the more you do it, the better your SEO will be.

Then, you share the 10 individual tip videos and text posts to social media, spreading them out over a number of weeks; making sure each post directs viewers to the full length version in your blog, which contains the email sign-up.

With each piece of content you publish, you are creating new backlinks between your various channels, strengthening your SEO, and creating an engaging web of content for your viewers.

Check out our quick guide to the Ice Cream Model, or download a Free Infographic here.

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