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Kindness Costs Nothing Project

I hope my project reminds people it’s easy to be kind and doesn’t even take very long.

At seven year old Bella Edwards seems to have a better understanding of what it important in life than most adults and has set out to make a difference in her local community and beyond with the #Kindnesscostsnothingproject

'We moved from Bristol to Yorkshire and I wanted to thank everyone in our village because they were so kind to us. Once I started I couldn’t stop."

On the Kindness Costs Nothing Facebook page, Bella shares tips and advice on ways you can make someone else day, along with inspirational videos and photos.

I hope to make 1,000 keyrings and letters to give out on world kindness Day in November on top of what I make already each week.

This got us thinking; how can we help Bella share her message? As a video marketing company, the answer seemed pretty obvious. So, we asked Bella to think of four kindness messages and created a digital flyer for each.

Not only that but we have made the flyers available for you to download and use in your own social media campaigns, with a version for each Social Media Platform.

Click on the download now button to get our Kindness Costs Nothing Project pack containing 13 digital flyers. Remember to use the #Kindnesscostsnothingproject hashtag and for a guaranteed like, tag @kindnesscostsnothingproject and @jellyfielders.

Looking for cost effective, bespoke Digital Flyers? Check out the Jellystore.


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