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Save yourself time with this FREE download After Effects project - lines & dots network - no plugins

Save yourself the time and effort of starting from scratch!

If you have ever tried to create a network animation from scratch you will know how time consuming generating those lines and dots can be. We recently had to create an logo sting for a client involving numerous overlaid network effects.

Unable to find and steal from a previous network animation, we set about making a standard base layer that can be edited easily for a range of various projects. And, because we're nice, we thought we would give it away.

How to use the template

Open up the template and locate the Network Comp, here you will see the basic network shape.

To remove sections of the network, hide the dot you want to remove, along with any line indicating the dot number. To create movement in the network, keyframe the position of each dot in turn.

You can duplicate the Network Comp as many times as you need to create separate shapes. This network does not work as a 3D shape, but you can quite easily replicate a 3D effect by changing the size and adding some blur. We have included controllers for the dot size, stroke and colour, and the line thickness and colour.

The project is created in 720p - if you change the comp canvas size you will need to reposition all the lines, so we suggest just upscaling the comp to the size you need.

We hope you find this project helpful and it saves you the headache of creating your own. Don't forget to sign up to our email newsletter for future time saving projects.

1 Comment

Jana B
Jana B
May 16

This is a life saver – thank you so much! Quick question though, how do you upscale the comp without changing the canvas size?

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