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The Big Free Marketing Meeting; A New Monthly Networking Event with Expert Q&A Panel & focus Groups

Throughout lockdown, there have been many new and exciting networking opportunities for businesses. Whether you attend the same group regularly or visit various events, there is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way business owners network.

So why would we launch a brand new online event, just as the world returns to (sort of) normal?

Well, I felt something was missing, and upon talking to long-time collaborators Mona King and Louis Trinnaman, they felt the same.

We all have experience running networking events and workshops, and you can catch us doing just that at the 4Networking Marketing Monday and Wednesday London Lunch meetings. But whilst these events are informative and helpful to business, their overall focus is on networking - and rightly so, it’s a networking event after all.

We decided we wanted to do something different, something that could help SMEs & startups by providing ongoing support. We knew it needed to be focused on marketing, it had to be 100% free to attend every meeting for every guest, and it had to be big. We also were determined for the name of the event to tell its potential attendees what it was straight out the door.

And so, The Big Free Marketing Meeting was born.

While The Big Free Marketing Meeting has the usual elevator pitch introductions you’d expect in a networking event, our unique format is designed to offer real marketing support to our attendees. Rather than a presentation by one expert, we’ve got a panel of 5, so you can ask your questions and get answers specific to your business. Rather than one to one sessions, we have expert focus groups to help plan your monthly marketing activities.

Our expert panel will change each month to give our attendees the best insights, information and expertise available.

If you are a sole trader or part of a small team, managing your marketing activities can be difficult. Successful marketing requires structure, milestones, and encouragement; everything The Big Free Marketing Meeting will provide. So rather than struggling with what to do and how to do it, make our The Big Free Marketing Meeting your monthly Marketing Meeting.


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