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Check out our new webseries; The Stock Footage Sketch Show

The Stock Footage Sketch Show; a sketch show made from stock footage.

If you're a videographer, then you'll be only too familiar with Stock Footage sites like Envato Elements, Video Blocks, and countless others offering a range of unlimited footage. These websites can be a miracle worker for all sorts of areas of video production with documentaries, chatshows, even feature films using stock footage to fill in gaps they were unable to shoot. Need some footage from an office, check, cityscapes, check, an angry person shouting, check, long story short (too late) stock footage can be a great tool when wielded responsibly.

One gloomy April night, I was sifting through the usual places looking for a selection of footage for a client video. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I kept stumbling across a bunch of bizarre footage that I couldn't possibly see anybody using. The further down the stock footage rabbit hole I went, the stranger the clips became, and it could have been the sleep deprivation talking, but I started to find all these oddities unintentionally funny. Looking for a break from what I was doing, I spent the next couple of hours putting together a sketch show from an array of footage for my own amusement.

In the cold light of day after some sleep (and fueling concerns I've lost what little sanity I had), I was convinced my Frankenstein's Monster creation of stitched together bits & bobs was prime for the Trash Folder. However, after showing it to my fellow Jellyfielders and getting a few laughs, it was all my fragile ego needed to be sold on making more. The Stock Footage Sketch Show is Jellyfielders' goofy new web series, and it’s a cheeky homage to the sketch shows of the 90s & 00s with a healthy amount of absurdity.

The first few episodes are on Youtube, or follow us for daily sketches at

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