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The Ice Cream Model: What is Organic Content Marketing & how can you use it to Market your Business

Simply put, organic content marketing is the act of promoting products and services with assets you can create yourself, in a way that develops naturally over time, with no ongoing ad costs.

There is so much Content Marketing that you can do for free, but you do need to be willing to put in the time to create the content you’ll be sharing. Naturally, there are plenty of suppliers, like Jellyfielders, who can help you out with your content marketing no matter your budget.

Content Marketing is also bespoke, and can be tailored to your business and target market, from the content you make to the format and platform on which it is provided.

The best thing about content marketing is that everything you create is evergreen; you own it, and it will work for you for as long as the information is helpful. Overtime your content will improve your SEO and help make you more visible to potential customers.

Check out our quick guide to the Ice Cream Model, or download a Free Infographic here.

Book a Consultation to find out how the Ice Cream Model can help your business.


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