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What Social Media Platforms should I be using for my business? Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube

Raphael Agbandje, personal estate agent powered by EXP, asks 'what social media platforms should I be using to promote my business?'

When it comes to which social media platforms you should use for marketing your business, it all comes back to your company and your target market. Each platform has a different demographic and audience, and LinkedIn focuses on business users, whilst Instagram uses visual content more. So it's an excellent place for photographers.

If your target market isn't using the platform, you will not successfully market your business on that social media platform. So when considering which social media platform to use, you don't need to use all of them. That's a mistake many businesses make; pick the one with the most significant crossover with your target market. Then create messages that focus on them and deliver them solely on that platform. You can bring in other platforms as you grow and build your businesses. You can bring other ways of marketing. But when starting out, you must focus on your target market, where they are online and how they use the platforms.

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