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Why you should be using Linkedin

Whether you're a Linkedin addict, or can't stand the idea of using another social media platform, there is no escaping that it is a powerful business tool that we should all be using. So why does it seem so 'meh!'?

'Linkedin is dull; I don't have time, tried it for a bit and didn't work, I have to put my efforts into *Insert-preferred-social media-platform-here' Over the years I have heard all the possible reasons as to why people don't use Linkedin and used a fair few of them myself. I began to question why my kneejerk reaction about Linkedin was one of apathy, putting a bit of time into it again, the answer was staring me in the face or rather I was staring at it.

The truth is Linkedin has struggled to find its place in the lives of its users since its inception, and all these years on and the same problem persists. We understand it is a business tool, but we've been trained to believe that business hours are not the time for social media. We will happily spend our free time lost in a Facebook or Instagram hole; maybe even a skim through Twitter if I'm feeling brave. We've all done that, but when was the last time you heard someone say 'I was up until 3 am looking at Linkedin'? I'm sure it's happened somewhere in the world at some point, but it's hardly standard practice.

However, the fact that fewer people/businesses post regularly could be used as an advantage as Linkedin has a secret, one that you, as a business owner can utilise. We recently found many of #Toddtips videos from our friends at the Spaghetti Agency incredibly helpful, so we thought we share this insightful one about Linkedin.

The Spaghetti Agency offers a range of Social Media and Marketing services for small businesses, and they even have workshops if you want to manage your own social accounts.

For information on how you can use Active Video Content for your LinkedIn channel, download out free Video Marketing Strategy Guide.


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