12 months of social media video content

12 months of social media video content


Thanks for checking out our social media video flyer pack.

Our digital flyers are perfect for sharing your key messaging across social media; attract new followers and help increase social media engagement & conversations.



12 bespoke digital flyers for you/your business to share across social media; share one a month for 12 months, or one a week for 3 months. Each of the 12 videos is provided as horizontal (for Facebook/Linkedin) AND square (Instagram/Twitter); so you get 24 individual videos.

  • How does is work?

    Each digital flyer is up to 20 seconds long and consists of a video clip/photo with animated title and endslate. Choose from our Stock footage library (elements.envato.com) or send us your own clips to use.

    Each flyer is created by an experienced animator from scratch, to ensure your digital videos suit your message and branding. Your digital flyers will be provided for review with one set of amendments.

  • What do we need to get started?

    • Logo

    • Brand guidelines

    • Messaging copy

    • Any links you want includes

    • Your video footage or photos; if you wish to use the stock library, visit elements.envato.com and make a note of the URLs of your chosen clips.

  • Don't know what you want?

    If you can't decide on all twelve flyers right now, we've got you covered.

    You package will remain valid for a full 12 months from purchase, so you can do all twelve now, or come back each month for a new one.

    We aim to provide video flyers within 48 hours of assets being delivered, so your content can be ready when you need it.

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