Jellyfielder Studios Ltd

155 Burrage Road



SE18 7LR


  • Implementing a strategic video marketing plan

  • How to write a short and engaging script that you can deliver efficiently on camera

  • How to get the most out of your phone's camera including tips for sound, lighting and shot composition

  • How to shoot products and B-Roll, so you don't even need to appear on camera

  • How to edit your videos on your smartphone, adding titles and music

  • How to share your videos to maximise engagement and lead generation

If that's not enough for you, each attendee will be invited to film a Calls The Shots video which will be shared to our network to increase your visibility.

DIY Video Workshop 

Marketing with your smart phone

Film and edit your own social media marketing videos with your smart phone.

Our workshop will give you the skills you need to film and edit your own videos for social media, all on your smartphone or tablet.