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Video training workshops

Video is a powerful tool for marketing your business on social media…
and the best people to create those videos are your team members and employees

Train your team to produce high quality customer testimonial videos, resource content and behind-the-scenes stories with Jellyfielders' Video Training Workshops.


Our workshops can teach your team to produce high quality video content, from behind the scenes stories, to helpful tips and advice and those all important customer testimonials. 

Video skills training has other benefits too:

  • Improved confidence and presentation skills.

  • Clearer understanding of brand message.

  • Team building through creative troubleshooting. 

How we teach

Our workshops can be conducted face to face, remotely via zoom, or a mix of both.


We also provide a digital workbook and on-going support through a private Facebook group

What we teach

We can cover any camera kit, from smart phones and tablets to professional video cameras.


 We will work with you to find an editing software solution that suits your needs.

Book a 121 to find out more



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