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The Ice Cream Model: How to create Capture Points in your Content to Build your Engagement and Leads

Within the Ice Cream Model, we look at four Capture Points; the strategy works by capturing your potential customers attention at one of the four points, and moving them toward a second capture point.

The first capture point is your Search Engine results; Search Terms, Image & Video Search, Shopping Search for products, and Location-based Search for local businesses. SEO is complicated, and it can take time to see the results, but there are plenty of online tools that can help you research keywords and optimise your content for the best results.

Your website and landing pages should also act as a capture point, and you can build lead databases through email marketing, blog sign-up and other gated content.

YouTube is often grouped in with the social media platforms, which is understandable as you can capture subscribers, but it is actually a video search engine. It has its own search results that you can use to improve your visibility.

Finally, social media platforms allow you to capture followers and connections; another way of communicating and engaging your potential customers.

By understanding how and where your potential customers are likely to find your business, you can create content optimised for their needs.

Check out our quick guide to the Ice Cream Model, or download a Free Infographic here.

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