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1st assistant


 ahad surooprajally              mike jelves  jellyfielder studios  advanced luficer records  

 lu camish  christopher suffield

Anwen Bull                                    Jason Hall                                      James Knapp

About Underneath

About Underneath

Jason Hall
James Knapp


james knapp

as the man

jason hall

as daniel


Anwen Bull

Anwen Bull

as Nancy

Chris Suffield

Written & Directed by 

christoper suffield

Lu Camish

produced by 

lu camish

Ahad Tiger

director of photography 

Ahad Surooprajally

Mike Jelves

1st assistant directo

mike jelves

Hair and Makeup

hair & makeup 

gemma austin

Music Composer

original music by 

advanced lucifer radio

Ahadgroup logo
Jellyfielders logo

After years of estrangement, Nancy reconnects with her son Daniel in a long overdue attempt to lay the ghosts of the past to rest. Concerned for his Mother, who still lives in the house he grew up in, Daniel tries to forge a relationship as he has life-changing news to share with her. However, a choice Nancy made long ago threatens to consume all she holds dear. 

Underneath poster July2023
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Red Fox International Film Festival - 2024
Bloody Hats - Best SPFX - 2023
8  Halfilm Awards - Best Narrative Short - 2023
8  Halfilm Awards - Best Thriller - 2023
8  Halfilm Awards - Best Original Screenplay - 2023
8  Halfilm Awards - Best Casting - 2023
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