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Be a LinkedIn Superstar with the Near Me Function, & Boost your Digital Presence (video guide 2019)

LinkedIn is great for making business connections, and remarkable, it is still massively underused by businesses.

One feature that seems to have passed a lot of business owners by, is the Near Me function. Using your phones Bluetooth, LinkedIn will show you the profiles of anyone else in range who is also using the feature.

Why is this so cool?

There are a number of reasons you might want to use Near Me;

1. Stay in touch

When you're networking, it is likely that you will meet some people too early; they are not ready for your product/service at this time. Sending a follow up email is great, but you still need to remember to stay in touch with them. LinkedIn is a great way of keeping communication lines open. Don't digi-stalk them of course, but the occasional like or comment on a post can help nurture a relationship.

2. Saves you time

The feature not only saves you time searching for everyone you've met at the event on LinkedIn afterwards, but it can save you valuable conversation time by allowing you to research people in the room and qualify them as a potential lead. Don't be rude to people or avoid conversations with people who you know won't be a customer because...

3. Social Reach

Remember, LinkedIn is a social tool, even if you don't meet a single lead at an event, you never know who will be in that persons network!

How to Turn on the Near Me Feature

  1. Make sure your phones Bluetooth is on.

  2. Open the LinkedIn App

  3. Go to the Contacts tab

  4. Select the Add New Contact button

  5. Choose Find Nearby

Remember, once your event is finished, turn your phones Bluetooth off, this will also turn Near Me off.

So, that's how you use LinkedIn Near Me, and how it can help you grow your digital presence. If you need help with your LinkedIn content, get in touch.


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