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The Ice Cream Model: Different types of Content you can Create for your Business Marketing

While some forms of content perform better than others, the ideal content marketing strategy combines a variety of different formats including videos, blogs, podcasts, graphics and photography.

You’ll find plenty of information online telling you how video out performs all other formats of content, and as far as the platform algorithms are concerned, this is true. However, while Facebook or LinkedIn might give preferential placement to videos over text posts, it is incredibly important to consider how the information is best decimated to your audience.

Another thing to consider when deciding the best format for a particular piece of content, is how your viewer will search for that information - will they search Google, YouTube or Social Media?

While the content is there to provide information to the viewer, different formats can also be used to create emotional reactions in your viewers; for example, a video of you talking about your business will build trust with your viewer quicker than written text, as you are allowing them to see and hear you. Research results, facts and figures are best shown using some form of visual representation, as audiences will understand and retain the information more easily.

When you are deciding whether to use a particular format for your message, think about how, as a customer, you’d prefer to view it.

Check out our quick guide to the Ice Cream Model, or download a Free Infographic here.

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