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Should I create different content for each of my Business Social Media Channels?, Linkedin

Warren King, a professional photographer based out of Thames Side Studios in Woolwich, asks, 'do I need to post different content for each platform?'

This is a great question, and it's one we've been asked plenty of times. As luck would have it, there are a couple of answers. Firstly, if your post is time sensitive, you've been to an event, and you're reviewing that event, or you're putting out a notice, you're going to be at an event and running a workshop, for example. It's OK to post that on all platforms simultaneously because it's date specific, and you're looking to get as many eyes on this for a short time.

All your other content, resource content, active content, bragging rights content, has a slightly different answer. Ideally, you would share that at different times on different platforms, and the reason for that is that your audience is likely to have a lot of crossovers. You'll have people that follow you on Instagram and Linkedin, and if you post at the same time on both platforms, you are either going to post at the time of their online, and they're going to see both posts, or you're going to post when they're not online, and they're not going to see either of them. By spreading out your place across the platforms and ensuring they're all at different times, or on different days, you can maximize the audience for that post.

However, it is challenging for small businesses to concentrate so much on post scheduling. We always advise that you look at using the post scheduler; we use because it makes it really easy to create one post, split it up, and share it over different days or weeks, even months apart. We always recommend that if you're struggling with this; you are using a lot of platforms and you want to post at different times of day, check out some of the post schedulers available because it will make your life a lot easier. Otherwise, if you need expert help on anything video content marketing related, you can get a consultation at


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