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10 Video trends for 2019

Online video has been growing consistently for the past six years and is still on track to reach 80% of all consumer online usage by 2020. That's a lot of videos being uploaded, and even more, being watched.

The term Video covers many different types of content across numerous different platforms, so we thought we would give you a heads up on the 10 top video trends for 2019.

1. Stories

Story content will continue to grow, with more brands turning to an 'honest' and informal type of content across social media. 'Consumer experience' was the 2018 marketing buzz word, and we will see this reflected in the videos being published in 2019.

2. Long Form Content

Nescafe mastered the art of long-form promotional content in the earlier '90s, and more than 20 years later other brands are waking up to the concept. This year we will see more businesses promote themselves with a series of ads, creating a longer story to build that all important 'Consumer experience'

3. Sponsored content

The big brands have the resources to create longer story-based ads featuring well-known celebrities or products. However, smaller companies will be able to take advantage of the wealth of film production companies who need sponsorship for their short films and web series.

4. Supporting a cause

With the pressure on big business to prove they are working to protect the planet, we will see more brands working with charities and causes to promote sustainability in their products and services.

5. Premiere / Watch Party

The new functions on Youtube and Facebook will allow businesses to explore how they distribute their resource content. Any business can take advantage of these tools to offer live workshops, tutorials or Q&As to their followers.

6. Video in email

Massively underutilised in the past, we will start seeing more video used in email marketing. Click-through rates and conversion both increase when a video is included in the subject field, so it's about time.

7. Authenticity

With online transparency a focus for social media platforms this year, authenticity will increasingly become relevant to their users. Several influencers have already been in trouble with their followers for being paid by brands to promote products. Video content will take priority over photos as brands move away from overly filtered images.

8. Platform-specific content

Gone are the days when you could put your video on Youtube and just share a link. As social media companies continue to make moves to keep their users within the platform, we will see more platform-specific content.

9. Subtitles

The use of subtitles on social media has been steadily growing over the passed few years. While we would love to say this increase is to offer more inclusivity to viewers who are hard of hearing, it‘s more likely brands are realising a lot of people will watch videos without audio - how else can you sneak a look at Facebook at work.

10. Small is cool

Big business is out, and smaller independent suppliers are in!

Whilst consumers choose smaller independents over the bigger chain stores, the creative markets are heading in the same direction. Business owners are beginning to understand that specialist SMEs offer greater service at better rates than the bigger faceless marketing companies.

Video is one of the greatest tools a marketer has, and we will continue to see big brands and SMEs alike uploading video content more regularly.

As with all marketing, the key to success is in the strategy. Get in touch to find out more about the Ice Cream Model of Video Marketing, and how it can help your business grow.


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