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3 top tips for your Active Video Content

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Every business needs a video, but understanding what type of video your business needs can be confusing. Using more than a decade's worth of experience, our Ice Cream Model Video Marketing takes the complexity out of the equation breaking down all forms of video into four easy to understand categories; Cornerstone, Resource, Bragging Rights, and Active Video.

Active videos are those that are posted solely to your social media platforms. Unlike your other types of video (Cornerstone, Resource, and Bragging Rights), the Active videos are bite-sized content that is regularly posted to draw people to your website. As with most content on social media, the lifespan of a post is short, and your channels need to be consistently fed.

1. Use Existing Content

Here's something you might not know, you can recycle your existing video content. That's right, a video production company (and a highly affordable one at that) is advocating that you can reuse content you've already shot.

For example, testimonial videos are fantastic for recycling into active videos, a short, snappy soundbite endorsement with a call to action at the end is perfect for social media.

2. Consistency

We did warn you that this word was going to come up (we're consistent about the importance of consistency), but it can't be stressed enough for Active Videos.

There's a reason they're called Active, this type of content shows your audience that you're, for want of a better word, active. Fuelling your social media with regular video not only shows your potential customers what you are up to, it can help your reach and website SEO.

Naturally, there is a big difference between consistency and over saturation, so you should increase your social output over a period of time. This can also help with your scheduling; spend a few hours once a month preparing some content, so you always have something ready to go.

3. Have Fun

Active video helps you tell the story of your brand and keeps your followers feeling involved and engaged. It also gives you the opportunity to try out new things, and react to what is connecting with your audience.

If you are not confident being on camera, try matching photos to voice over. Your social channels should reflect your business personality, don't be afraid to have fun and show a lighter side of your company.

So there you have it, three simple tips to help you get the most out of your Active Videos. If you are interested in learning more about the Ice Cream Model and how to create your own Active Videos, check out our DIY Video Skills workshop.


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