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7 eye-catching social engagement videos for you to get your followers involved [Free Download]

'I wish my social posts got more comments'

Using social media for your business can be a challenge; each platform has its own limitations and 'rules', and they change them so frequently it can be difficult to keep up. Besides, as a business owner, you have better things to do.

In your quest for social media conversions you've probably tried a follow friday here and there, joined business networking groups and perhaps even gained a few followers in the process. It's great they you are engaging with others, but why are they not engaging on your page?

The most difficult type of engagement to get (without paying for an Ad) is comments. You might get the odd comment here and there, but what you really want it conversation; people actively joining in and replying to other peoples comments.

Fortunately the digital world has created a short hand for these types of social engagement posts, and they're not limited to Follow Friday, in fact, there are numerous options for each day of the week.

To help you out we put together 7 social engagement videos for you to use 100% free on your channels. You can add your own messages to the post, telling your followers what they should do.

  1. Motivational Monday - Ask your followers what motivates them on a Monday morning,

  2. Trivia Tuesday - Ask your followers to share their top business tips, or interesting things they've learnt on their journey.

  3. Wacky Wednesday - This is great for a bit of mid week silliness; ask your followers to share their favourite meme, a silly pet picture, or their guilty pleasure movie/song, it's up to you and can be different each week,

  4. Throwback Thursday - Similar to Wacky Wednesday, choose what you ask your followers to do, for example share a picture from their school days.

  5. Follow Friday - You know what to do here.

  6. Social Saturday - Another chance to get people exchanging likes, shares and comments.

  7. Selfie Sunday - A fun post for a Sunday afternoon, ask your followers what they've been up to over the weekend and get them to share a selfie.

We don't suggest you post these for 7 days straight, as this can annoy your followers, but try one of two a week and see what sort of engagement you get. Download now and share on your Facebook and Linkedin pages to increase your engagement, and tag us @Jellyfielders so we can join in.

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